Zachary M. Gonzalez Scholarship

Born in the Tacony section of Philadelphia, the son of the late Joanne (Donlen) and Reinaldo Gonzalez, Zachery was a resident of Levittown for six years. He attended Walt Disney Elementary School and Pennwood Middle School. He was a 9th grade student at Pennsbury High School, and a proud member of the Junior Varsity Wrestling Team.

Zach died tragically on January 19, 2014 just three days after his 15th birthday. Through the efforts of Zach’s aunt and guardian, Kelli A. Donlen, and her husband, James, and the contributions of many, a scholarship foundation has been setup in Zach’s name. The Zachary Gonzalez Scholarship Foundation is now a 501c3 organization. Please visit the website and Facebook pages for more information.

The scholarship will be presented to two senior student-wrestlers whose intention it is to further their education after graduation. For details on how to apply for the scholarship, please visit Zach’s web site. To be considered for the scholarship, the wrestler should:

  • Be a four-year wrestler
  • Be a proud representative of the Pennsbury Wrestling Team
  • Have maintained a B average throughout high school
  • Be a respected student-athlete in the Pennsbury community
  • Must conduct themselves with dignity on and off the mat
  • Must be accepted into a college program at the time of application